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Finding strength

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Do you worry about the state of our world?

Are you aware of the enormous challenges of our times, yet struggle to put an outward face of optimism, hope and strength?

How can you stay fresh, inspired and honest with yourself despite those around you telling you it is too late or too difficult?

At The Fold - 20 Nov 2021

9-month adventure - awaiting new dates!

Facilitatior Development Adventure with Kirsti Norris, Jenny Mackewn and Chris Johnstone

upcoming workshops

Workshops to help you find inspiration and strength in these challenging times

Finding Strength workshop with Will Tooby and Kirsti Norris

On request

On request

Workshops available for your workplace Champions.  Contact us!

Workshops available for your community or action group.  Contact us!


I am inspired by the work of Joanna Macy, on which these workshops are based.


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FACILITATOR DEVELOPMENT ADVENTURE...grow in confidence to deliver your own workshops


With Chris Johnstone, Jenny MacKewn and Kirsti Norris

Over three residential weekends from Nov 2019 to June 2020 plus small group and peer support.


Our purpose is to support both experienced and less experienced facilitators to deepen skills, learn from us and each other, strengthen support and grow in competence in facilitating the Work That Reconnects, Inner transition and other transformative processes that strengthen our motivation and capacity to respond to our planetary crisis. For more details, see here.


The 2019-20 programme is now full.  Contact Kirsti to be the first to hear next year, for the 2020-21 Adventure.

Work That Reconnects
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